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Rice Mill Software – INVENTO

Rice Mill Software – INVENTO is windows based ERP software specially designed for Rice Mill and Cotton Mill to fulfill requirements of Sheller Industries.  Because MODERN WEBZ designed this software keeping the business of Rice Mill and the Cotton Mill in full consideration. Because rice millers in India first have to buy paddy from the mandis or farmers. After that, there is also a brokerage commissioned on it. The cost of loading and unloading in the market is also borne. After that, the cost of the stitching of sacks is to be given only to Rice Millers. In addition Market fees are also to be given. Hence Rice millers are procured through such a difficult process.

Similarly, the process of selling Rice Millers or Cotton Millers is equally troublesome. Whatever kind of charges he gives before, in the same way when he sells his merchandise, he also has to take all kinds of charges from his customer. Such as market fees, wages, sewing etc. In India, some different types of charges are also to be given, such as Gaushala’s fund, cancer fund, road development fund etc. So in this software, all these requirements have taken. 

What is


Invento is a window based Rice Mill Software especially keeping in mind Rice Miller / Cotton Factory Business. This software is helpful for those who want to fully computerize their rice millwork. With the help of this Rice Mill / Cotton Factory software, you can keep the account of your rice mill and cotton factory transactions and accounts for a full account. Same you can do all the work like Sell, Purchase, Stock, invoicing, accounting, GST reports etc. through this Rice Mill software. Finally, you can prepare different types of reports as well from this Rice Mill ERP Software. 

Best of all, you do not need any accounting knowledge or technical information in order to operate this rice mill software. So the user can prepare reports for all reports in Excel Format and various different formats. So preparing GST reports is also very easy. With just one click, you can make full GST reports. Also submit the GST report with the tools provided with the software.

One Click GST Solution

Simple to Use | Easy to Implement |

There are many ERP Softwares are available in the market. But Now they all are not GST Billing Software. They charge on the monthly or yearly basis from customers. The customer feels bothered to pay a regular bill or like an EMI. So we offer Invento Rice Mill Software on a fixed price and a time charge. There are no hidden charges for updates in Invento. If you are running a Rice Mill or Cotton factory, this software is for you.



No technical knowledge required to operate it. Just Login and you are ready to go.


Have all the latest techniques at you fingertips including sales, purchage, accounting…


Specially designed for Rice Millers and Cotton Millers, all your requirements are enclosed.

Rice Mill Software FEATURES


Generate your inventory with your own unit like Bags, K.G. Quintal. Also, check the different reports of your stock in one place.



With Invento, you can create, email, SMS, PDF download or print out professional invoices for your customer.



Manage your Customers, Suppliers,
Brokers accounts and ledgers automatically update with any transactions. .

GST Ready

Generate your GST reports automatically like GSR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, GSTR2 completely and check with inbuilt self-audit Tool and upload.



Unlimited User creation option. Secure your system cause of operator user profile with power and authorities limitation.



Generate different types of reports like sale, purchase, stock, ledger, Balance Sheet, Mandi Purchase Reports and much more.

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