Clinical Lab Management Software Specially Designed for Medical Laboratory or Path Lab

Clinical Lab Management Software

What is Laboratory Management Software?

The laboratory management system software LMS lets managers and laboratory technicians manage both samples collected and its correlated data. By employing a LMS, your lab can automate workflows, combine instruments, and run samples and associated information. Additionally, you’ll also use the software for tracking data from experiments conducted also as sequencing runs.
This Clinical lab software tracks samples and, aggregate data for research purposes, and ensure laboratory operations are compliant with various standards and regulations. Laboratory management systems also are referred to as laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

Importance of Medical Lab Management Software – Smart Lab

 Medical Lab Management Software – A well-equipped laboratory requires the use of many types of Medical lab software. Because the software is used to analyze and compile the results obtained from tests with laboratory equipment. When data from multiple devices is entered into a single database, the collected information becomes easier to manipulate and has the ability to reveal searches that might otherwise be ignored.

The key to a well-functioning research or analytical laboratory is the integration of all scientific evidence and data collection through the central computer lab software. This not only makes data interpretation more efficient, but also enables the convenient creation of audit trails, compliance sheets, and report summaries.

Different labs require differing types of computer lab software. Some of the most common are molecular modeling software, chemometric software, chromatography software, and spectroscopy software. Laboratories in the fields of biology, inorganic chemistry, food science, geology, and astronomy can use these applications. They can be used in research labs, analytical labs, and test labs.

Molecular modeling software is a sophisticated program that enables scientists to create 3D visual images and computer-processed movies of molecules. This allows them to predict molecular behavior, as well as create a digital simulation of tests performed in the laboratory.

Researchers can view molecules at the atomic level and rotate their view to see them from all angles. They can make changes to the molecule, and the computer lab software will run an analysis and predict what will happen to a real molecule under those conditions.

Types of Lab Management Software

1. Chemistry software is useful in helping chemists and food scientists determine the chemical composition of samples. The software tool collects test data and compares information from known models. You can then sort the sample based on its closest match. From there, this computer lab software can predict the chemical behavior of unknown samples.

  1. Spectroscopy software is a kind of chemometric computer lab software. Analyze the data from a specific laboratory instrument called a spectrophotometer. This device directs the measured amount of energy towards the sample being tested. After interacting with the sample, the energy is measured again and the difference is recorded. The results are compared with those obtained from known substances, thus allowing the identification of chemical substances in a sample.
  2. Chromatography software is a type of computer lab software found in most laboratories because it interprets data from a common laboratory process that separates molecules in a sample. The data collected from this process can be used in many scientific applications. This software is often sold as an add-on module to other programs so that the data can be integrated into a central database.

These are some of the most common types of medical lab software, but there are many others that may be required depending on the specialty of the lab. Computer lab software has made advances such as molecular modeling that were not possible in previous years. This has increased the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory tests and analyzes and has paved the way for the advancement of science and medicine.

Clinical Lab Management Software

What is SMART LAB?

Lab Information Management System software enables Lims lab managers and technicians to manage both collected samples and correlated data. With a lim, your lab can automate workflows, add devices, and run samples and related information. In addition, you can use the software to keep track of the data of the experiments performed, as well as run the sequencing.

This medical laboratory software system tracks samples and aggregated data for research purposes and ensures that laboratory operations comply with various standards and regulations. The Laboratory Information Management System is also known as a Laboratory Management System (LMS).


Easy Add / Edit / Search / One Click Solution

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Smart Lab is a window based Clinical Lab Software especially keeping in mind Laboratory Management System. This software is helpful for those who want to fully computerize their pathology lab work. With the help of this Clinical Laboratory Management software, you can keep the account of your lab transactions and accounts for a full account. Same you can do all the work like Sample collection, Patient Entry, Test Report, List of Tests etc. through this Clinical or Path Lab software. Finally, you can prepare different types of reports as well from this Pathology Lab Software.

Best of all, you do not need any accounting knowledge or technical information in order to operate this Medical Lab software. So the user can prepare reports for all reports in Excel Format and various different formats. So preparing Test reports is also very easy. With just one click, you can make all types of reports. Also send report on WhatsApp with the tools provided with the software.

Clinical Lab Management Software

Why Smart Lab?


No technical knowledge required to operate it. Just Login and you are ready to go.


Have all the latest techniques at you fingertips including Test, Report, Patient Management…


Specially designed for Clinical Lab and Pathology Lab, all your requirements are enclosed.

Clinical Lab Software FEATURES

Patient Entry

Make patient entry in Medical Lab Management Software with Age, Address, Refferal, Department etc.


Test Report

With Smart Lab, you can create, email, SMS, PDF download or print out professional Reports for your Patients.



Manage your Patient, Doctors,
RMP accounts and ledgers automatically update with any transactions. .

Transaction Ledger

Generate your Transactions reports automatically like Day Book, Ledger, Cash Book, Profit Share, Pending Report completely and download in various format.



Unlimited User creation option. Secure your system cause of strong password of operator, user profile with power and authorities limitation.



Generate different types of reports like Doctor wise commission, Patient wise Balance Sheet, Balance Reports and much more.

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