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Complete Jewellery Management Software System for Jewelery Retail Stores, Jewellery Wholesalers, Big Jewelry Showrooms, Jewelry Houses, Multi-Branch Jewelry Enterprises!    


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e- Jewellery Software – Say Bye-Bye to old, troublesome, expensive and boring manual billing systems.

With e – Jewellery Software, Sell your entire store in one place, easy, all the features and your precious jewelry and increase the love for your staff.

GST Billing Software –

Excellent Software Specially designed for the Indian Market

GST Billing Software – Modern Bill, has been developed GST Accounting Software for small business to create Sale invoice, Stock management, GST returns. It has been developed in the way that there is no need to learn even the ABC of Computers or Accounts. Entry Screens are like Fill in the Blanks and user has to just input the data in boxes given. Even a layman without any basic knowledge of Accounts or computers can operate it without any hassle because it is so easy to handle.

What is e- Jewellery Software ? 

e-Jewellery is a window based business management system and point of sale have been designed specifically for those who want to run their jewelry business independently, whether it is a retail business or manufacturing. Through this jewellery software, you can set up points of sale, retail cell, order, tag, account management, labor, making charge, barcoding, GST report, mortgages, Lone and many others can work. 

As a windows system, with e-Jewellery Software, you can execute your business without any hassle or technical knowledge. Because its exclusive password system means you can assure your staff can only approach the system in store with operator login facility, while owners and super users can access complete software. Because e-jewellery Software has user profile system. Due to this facility owner can set the power of operator like delete. if the owner does not want to give the power of deletes to the operator, he can manage it.

Customise TAG 

Modern Webz offers you the most recent technology tools to take your business to the following level.  Because e-jewellery software includes POS and barcoding printing to enable a fast and efficient billing system. The inventory management adds comprehensive jewelry specific fields grant for all details of Gold, metals, silver, bids, diamonds, pearls, gemstones or any type of jewelry piece search on. Cause of stock material can issue and receive and all costs are taken into account.

e-jewellery focus on customer management allows you to provide exceptional customer support. There are so many features for jewelers to maintain their business. It is complete ERP software for jewelers with GST Ready. So jewelers can prepare their GST report from this e-Jewellery Software. Jewelers can create their own Tag according to price or weights. Jewelers can also print their tags with barcodes.


So easy system. Just sign in and you are ready to go. Hence no any technical knowledge required.


Have all the greatest mechanism at your fingertips including POS, TAG, Girvi…


Describe particular for the jewelry shop, all your requirements are enclosed.

Manage Girvi

In rural surroundings, a common man sees his goldsmith with the eyes of a moneylender. He is the one who keeps the jewels with him, he is the wealth of his midnight. Even today, it is considered safe for mortgages near your personal goldsmith instead of pledging gold in banks. So those goldsmiths are ready to do their every possible help. Because Goldsmith has to not go through any paperwork to keep jewelry.

Keeping this business of jewelers in mind, the e-Jewellery software can manage Jewellery and accounts of mortgages mortgaged by loan entry. Therefore you can check all your loan details in the loan register in e-Jewellery software. With the e-Jewellery software, you can see the value of jewelry pledged by the gold price of that day. This software calculates your profit and loss according to your interest and by that day’s gold price.

GST Ready 

The e-Jewellery software is fully GST based. Due to this software, the jewelers can automate all reports on their GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3 etc. You can prepare reports according to your own, whether it is a normal scheme or a composition scheme. In this software, you also have the option of Self Audit Tool, through which you can check your report before submitting your final report.

Finally, along with GST reports, you can check out many types of reports in this jewelry software. Keep your artisan accountable for the goods made and the goods made from the artisan can also check. A full account of all your customers can keep. Your customer, artisan or other people can also notify via SMS because it has SMS facility. As the result, everything is so easy that no technical information is required.

GST Billing Software –

Excellent Software Specially designed for the Indian Market


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Sale Order

Manage your sale order and advance payment of orders. Direct transfer to Karigars.

Purchase Order

Manage all purchase order and raw material. Direct transfer to purchase invoice.


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