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We make Vegetable Market business easy with Sabzi Mandi Software – Red Apple ERP Software.

The Concept of Sabzi Mandi

Sabzi Mandi Software – Red Apple usages – In the vegetable market, A farmer sends his vegetables and fruits. After that, a commission agent sells vegetables and fruits to customers or vendors. In the language of the vegetable market, we speak it inward (आवक ). He distributes these goods to those shopkeepers, Readies (रेहड़ी – ठेला) etc.

It is credit in a supplier’s account and debit from the account of different customers. Commission Agent’s commission is added to his account. The commission agent gives the report to the supplier. He cuts all expenses such as labour, freight and so on. So these transactions contain many issues.




Years of Experience


MODERN WEBZ Offer Sabzi Mandi ERP Software Red Apple with Crates Management Facility. So User Can Manage his crates with the bill given to customers. Because vendors borrow crates from the Whole seller and the whole seller can maintain his crates with charges. As a result Red apple is the best ERP Sabzi Mandi Software in search of Google.


Arrival Entry (आवक)

Due to arrival Entry, User can maintain the arrival of stock with direct entry or purchase in Red Apple ERP Software.

Crate Management

Manage Crates with Issue and Receive management. As a result, the user can manage Crates in Sale Entry in Sabzi Mandi ERP Software.

Self Purchase / Party Stock

Users can manage Self Purchase or Other supplier party stock and sale directly with sabzi mandi ERP software red apple.


You can Manage your Inventory automatically because it is designed with all features which are used in Sabzi Mandi like the Commission, Katt, Market Fees, Bardana, etc.

Manage Store

Due to store management, Manage other Party’s Stock in Store with Lot no., itemwise, and other according to your requirements in vegetable and fruit market erp software red apple.


Hence You can manage all types of reports like seller report, stock report, auction report, ledger balance, pendency report because it is fully customizable sabji mandi erp software.

Red Apple Sabzi Mandi Software: Boosting Efficiency in the Vegetable Market


Red Apple Sabzi Mandi Software

is a comprehensive software solution specifically designed to cater to the needs of sabzi mandis, which are vegetable markets commonly found in India and other South Asian countries. This software aims to automate and streamline various aspects of running a sabzi mandi, enabling market operators to efficiently manage their inventory, handle billing and invoicing, maintain accurate financial records, analyze sales performance, manage vendors, and more.

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Accounting Billing Key Features and Functionality:

Red Apple 11 Sabzi Mandi Software offers a range of features to assist Sabzi Mandi operators in their day-to-day operations:

1. Inventory Management:

Imagine you have a big toy box, but it’s full of different vegetables instead of toys. This awesome program helps you know exactly how many tomatoes, carrots, and onions are inside. No more digging around blindfolded!

The program tells you right away how many vegetables you have left, like a helpful friend whispering in your ear. So, you can buy more carrots when you only have a few left, and never have to cry because all the tomatoes are gone! This makes choosing snacks and planning lunch much easier, just like picking the perfect toy from your organized box.

Does that make sense? It’s like having a magic vegetable counter in your pocket, making mealtime adventures even more fun!

2. Billing and Invoicing:

    • Imagine you have a shop and you need to make bills for your customers. This software helps you do that quickly and easily. It can add up all the prices of the vegetables, and can also add taxes or discounts if you need to. It can even print out the bills for you!

3. Accounting and Financial Management:

    • Keeping track of your money is important, even if you are selling vegetables! This software helps you keep track of how much money you make each day, and how much you spend. It can also help you see if you are making a profit or not.

4. Sales Analysis:

    • This software is like a super smart helper that can tell you which vegetables are selling the best. It can also tell you what days of the week you make the most money. This information can help you decide which vegetables to buy and how much to charge for them.

5. Vendor Management:

    • When you run a sabzi mandi, you need to buy vegetables from different people. This software can help you keep track of who you bought the vegetables from, how much you paid for them, and when you need to buy more.

6. Digital Weighing Scale Integration:

    • Imagine you have a special scale that can talk to the computer! This software can work with these special scales so that you don’t have to type in the weight of each vegetable. This saves you time and makes sure that your bills are always accurate.

7. Barcode Scanning:

    • Have you ever seen those black and white lines on some vegetables? Those are called barcodes, and they are like special codes that can tell the computer what the vegetable is and how much it costs. This software can use a special scanner to read these barcodes, so you don’t have to type in the information yourself. This saves you time and makes sure that your bills are always accurate.

8. Customer Database:

    • Do you have a favorite store that always remembers your name and what you like to buy? This software can help you do the same thing for your customers. It can store their information, so you can send them special offers or discounts.

9. User-Friendly Interface and Customization Options:

  • This software is easy to use, even if you are not very good with computers. You can learn how to use it in just a few minutes! You can also customize the software to make it look and work the way you want it to.


Benefits of Red Apple Sabzi Mandi Billing Software:

Red Apple Sabzi Mandi Software: Your Market’s Best Friend

Let’s talk about Red Apple Sabzi Mandi Software, your new secret weapon for a thriving market. Think of it as an efficiency expert, inventory mentor, and friendly financial advisor combined!

1. Efficiency Boost:

Say goodbye to mountains of bills and messy calculations. Red Apple automates tasks like billing, inventory management, and sales analysis. Focus on your business, not paperwork!

2. Inventory Ace:

No more guesswork – Red Apple gives you real-time info on what’s flying off shelves and what needs restocking. No waste, just happy customers and a full wallet.

3. Financial Mentor:

Track income, expenses, and cash flow patterns with ease. Make informed decisions and stay on top of your finances.

4. Data Whisperer:

Want to know which veggies are the real superstars? Red Apple unlocks sales trends and customer preferences. Optimize your inventory and pricing strategies, sell smarter!

5. Vendor Buddy:

Build strong relationships with your suppliers. Red Apple helps manage orders, payments, and communication, ensuring a smooth flow of fresh produce.

6. Barcode Blitz:

Zap those veggie codes and watch pricing and inventory info appear instantly! Faster billing, less waiting, happy customers!

7. Customer Charmer:

Remember your regulars and their favorites? Red Apple helps you personalize service, offer targeted promotions, and keep them coming back for more.

8. User-Friendly Amigo:

No tech worries! Red Apple is super easy to use, even for beginners. A few clicks and you’re a sabzi mandi master!

9. Customization Chameleon:

No two markets are the same. Red Apple lets you tailor it to your needs, with custom fields, layout adjustments, and personalized reports.

10. Growth Partner:

Red Apple empowers you to streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and keep customers happy. It’s your key to growth and success in a competitive market.

Ready to transform your sabzi mandi? Red Apple is waiting to be your market’s best friend!


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