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We make Mandi business easy with Sabzi Mandi Software – Red Apple ERP Software.

The Concept of Sabzi Mandi

Sabzi Mandi Software – Red Apple usages – In the vegetable market, A farmer sends his vegetables and fruits. After that, a commission agent sells vegetables and fruits to customers or vendors. In the language of the vegetable market, we speak it inward (आवक ). He distributes these goods to those shopkeepers, Readies (रेहड़ी – ठेला) etc.

It is credit in a supplier’s account and debit from the account of different customers. Commission Agent’s commission is added to his account. The commission agent gives the report to the supplier. He cuts all expenses such as labour, freight and so on. So these transactions contain many issues.




Years of Experience


MODERN WEBZ Offer Sabzi Mandi ERP Software Red Apple with Crates Management Facility. So User Can Manage his crates with the bill given to customers. Because vendors borrow crates from the Whole seller and the whole seller can maintain his crates with charges. As a result Red apple is the best ERP Sabzi Mandi Software in search of Google.


Arrival Entry (आवक)

Due to arrival Entry, User can maintain the arrival of stock with direct entry or purchase in Red Apple ERP Software.

Crate Management

Manage Crates with Issue and Receive management. As a result, the user can manage Crates in Sale Entry in Sabzi Mandi ERP Software.

Self Purchase / Party Stock

Users can manage Self Purchase or Other supplier party stock and sale directly with sabzi mandi ERP software red apple.


You can Manage your Inventory automatically because it is designed with all features which are used in Sabzi Mandi like the Commission, Katt, Market Fees, Bardana, etc.

Manage Store

Due to store management, Manage other Party’s Stock in Store with Lot no., itemwise, and other according to your requirements in vegetable and fruit market erp software red apple.


Hence You can manage all types of reports like seller report, stock report, auction report, ledger balance, pendency report because it is fully customizable sabji mandi erp software.

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