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School Management Software – iGenius is windows based ERP software specially designed for School / College / Educational Institute to fulfill requirements of School Industries.  Because MODERN WEBZ has designed this software with keeping in mind the whole system of the school. The system of schools is different in different places in India. Every state has its own education system. There is a Gurukul education system in India, somewhere Kendriya Vidyalaya has its own pattern, then there is a CCE pattern. Seminary has their own way of teaching. Similarly, different states have their own separate board of education. Some schools adopt foreign education methodology. That’s why management is very difficult for those schools. Because the school is a large institution.

School ERP Management Software – iGenius

Because there is a large institution in the school. Therefore its management is also a very difficult task. The school work starts with the student’s admission and continues till the student passes through different stages. In the same way, the next year also starts with the promotion of that student. After his admission, he has to keep account of his account for the entire year.This school management software has been designed keeping in mind all these things. With this school management software, you can manage the inquiries made by the child’s parents. When the same child has enrollment quota then this data can be used automatically. This school management system is so easy that anyone can also use a common man.

Why iGenius?


The iGenius School Management software is very simple. There is no special technical information needed for this experiment.


With this you can easily do many tasks like admission, transport, library, examination, gate pass, examination and accounting. Because the iGenius School Management software is very smart.


This school management software is completely strong in terms of security. With automatic backup you can also create unlimited users and control their power.

School Management Software

What is Benefit to School?

School or college is a very large institution. Therefore its management is also a complex process. Because in school, along with students, management of school staff is also done. There is a large number of staff on the school staff, not just the teachers but also the clerk, accountant, peon, bus staff, driver, conductor, bookshop, canteen, library staff etc. Because managing the salaries of that whole staff, transactions are very difficult tasks. All of your work from this school management software is very easy.

You can easily manage all the process between iGENEUS SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE until you leave the school from the admission to its school. You can do all kind of charge maintenance by Inquiry, Admission, Class, Roll Number, Section, Admission Fee, Transport Fees, Tuition Fees, Computer Fees, Exam fees etc. by this School Management Software. In this software, you can keep track of the books and stationery of students.

What is Benefit to Parents? 

It is a matter of great concern to take care of your child’s education and the safety of his parents for the life of today’s fortune. Taking lessons from the accidents in the past few days, today every parents ensure their child is in school. Concerned about the child’s home work. From time to time, about the circular issued by the school, they do not know much at all. If all these problems get their posture solution, then how happy they will be.

Keeping all these things in mind, with the iGENIUS School Management software, the facility of Android application is also given in the name of My Kid. As soon as you update the student’s attendance in your school management software, the child’s parents can also check the status on their mobile. Because if the parents of a child are aware of spot or non-spot in their child’s school then their half problem is resolved. After that, they can check their child’s homework also on mobile. If there are any new circulars in the school, they can get their suggestions on their mobile. Thus, from this school management software, parents can also be updated regarding their child.

School Management Software

School Management Software – iGenius Features

Before enrolling in the school management software, fully manage all incoming inquiries. Use the same invoice directly at the time of admission.

Manage the complete enrollment process in the School Management Software. Set everything at the time of admission.

Manage all types of fees from school management software. Manage received and outstanding fees.

Fully manage school transport system through the iGenius School Management software. Determine the route management and transport fees.

Fully computerize the library of the school through the iGenius School Management software. Keep track of all the books.

Manage Excuses completely by the iGenius School Management Software. Also, prepare complete report card by software.

Pricing Plan For School Management Software

Basic Edition



  • Free SMS – Nil
  • Exam Module – No
  • Annual Renewal Charge – 4000/-
  • Free SMS Validity – 1 Month
  • Free SMS Sender ID – 1

Silver Edition



  • Free SMS -20000
  • Exam Module – Yes
  • Annual Renewal Charge – 3500/-
  • Free SMS Validity – 1 Month
  • Free SMS Sender ID – Up to 3

Gold Edition



  • Free SMS – 70000
  • Examination Module – Yes
  • Annual Renewal Charge – 3500/-
  • Free SMS Validity – 1 Year
  • Free SMS Sender ID – Up to 4

2000 Plan

Rs.2000Per Month


  • Free SMS – 10000 SMS/Month
  • Examination Module – Yes
  • Installation Charge – 1000/-
  • Free SMS Sender ID – 1

3000 Plan

Rs.3000Per Month


  • Free SMS – 20000 SMS/Month
  • Examination Module – Yes
  • Installation Charge – 1000/-
  • Free SMS Sender ID – Up to 2/-

4000 Plan

Rs.4000Per Month


  • Free SMS – 30000 SMS/Month
  • Examination Module – Yes
  • Installation Charge – 1000/-
  • Free SMS Sender ID – Up to 3/-

5000 Plan

Rs.5000Per Month


  • Free SMS – 40000 SMS/Month
  • Examination Module – Yes
  • Installation Charge – 1000/-
  • Free SMS Sender ID – Up to 4/-

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