How to manage E Way Bill in ERP Software

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February 27, 2018
E Way Bill: As we know Government has made it mandatory to generate the e-way bill for supplies greater than 50000/-. Although E way bill can be generated online by entering all the required details about consignee, consignor, transport, goods being transported and tax details. which is just a repetition of the invoice in online mode.
Saves your valuable time entering all the details about invoice again and again and make E-way bill management easy. Because Modern Bill ERP software offers the facility to generate JSON file of invoice for which you want to generate the e-way bill. Upload this JSON file on E-Way Bill portal and generate your e-way bill no. The latest update of ERP software includes.
  1. Generate E Way Bill for a single invoice.
  2. Maintain e-way bill details with invoice master itself
  3. Generate E-Way Bills for multiple invoices in one shot. means you can keep on generating invoices in ERP software and in a single click generate a single JSON File for all the invoices that require generating the e-way bill.
  4. Switch E-way Bill Management ON or OFF.
  5. Flexible Threshold limit to set e-way qualification criteria yourself. currently, GSTN has made it mandatory to generate e-way bills for bills more than 50,000/-. if this limit changes at any time, you can set up yourself.

Setup E way bill settings In Utilities –> Options

E Way Bill

Input E-Way Bill details while generating sale/purchase invoice.

These details will be asked if you have enabled E-Way Bill and bill amount crosses threshold limit

E Way Bill
Click on “Create E-Way Bill JSON File”
On Print Bill Screen
E Way Bill

It will generate JSON file

E Way Bill

How to upload JSON File on Eway Portal

Now login to E-Way Bill Portal
Login by entering your e-way username and password
E Way Bill

Click E-Way Bill >> Generate Bulk

E Way Bill

Choose your JSON File Upload to E-Way Bill Portal

E Way Bill
E Way Bill

Click on Generate and it will generate a Unique Eway Bill No. for you

E Way Bill
Edit your Bill to Input E way Bill No. and Date for Printing Purpose

E Way Bill

Print E Way Bill Details on your Bill Format

E Way Bill ; Modern Bill
T-Codes For E-Way Bill Details (Printing1 Table)
  • OT1 = E-Way Bill No.
  • OT2 = Distance
  • OT3 = Transport Mode (Road / Rail)
  • OT4 = Transporter ID
  • OT5 = Transporter Document No.
  • OT6 = Transporter Document Date
  • OT7 = EWB Date
  • OT8 = SubType
  • OT9 = Doc Type
  • OT10 = Transporter
  • OT11 = Vehicle No.
How to Generate Single JSON File for multiple Invoices
On the sale bills list, select invoices for which you want to generate E-Way Bills and click on E-Way
E Way Bill ; Modern webz

This will create a single JSON File for all the invoices being selected, this file you can upload on E-way portal in the same way as discussed above and generate e-Way Bill no. for all the invoices.

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